T-Mobile and HTC exchange Wing batteries for free

With the slight probability that any day Dynapack battery that powers your T-Mobile Wing handset may just burst into flames, HTC and T-Mobile have come to the rescue of Windows Mobile users by bringing out a new battery. And what’s more is the Wing duo will forward you a Celxpert battery as replacement for the Dynapack absolutely free!

The probability of a Dynapack actually bursting into flames while in your pocket is apparently more than enough to make them take this move, and replace all Dynapack batteries without charge, aren’t they so kind.

Wing batteries

Source — wmexperts


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile and HTC exchange Wing batteries for free”

  1. erik says:

    i was skeptical about the whole battery replacement issues, i have the t-mobile Wing, but sure enough i received one (Celxpert battery) in the mail with a return envelope (to return the Dynapack Battery), all free of charge ! good to know someone is practicing good business..

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