Mobile Safari gets colour update with firmware 2.0

Taking a gander at Apple’s 08 WWDC sessions show a small Apple iPhone jewel with the name “Enhancing Your iPhone Web Application with CSS Transforms and Animations.” It appears that Mobile Safari is receiving a small update with firmware 2.0 in the form of colour enhancement.

This colour enhancement, a pleasant golden brown is in preparation for an expected June release, and of course you can also expect the iPhone’s Safari implementation will get retooled a tad to pull a more current Webkit build, and somewhat in line with Apple’s desktop browser, and CSS transforms and animations will all be a part of that.

Mobile Safari

What this means is the feature will allow web pages to be twirled, skewed, and zoomed making for some enchanting effects, and it’s all going to be accelerated by the iPhone’s hardware, which will undoubtedly mean the next annoying advert for some unwanted procuct the user views on the iPhone should really fly.

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