The Sipgate SG-HS100b USB VoIP Phone

Here we have the SG-HS100b USB handset which is a superb accessory for your laptop computer for users of VoIP on the move. The SG-HS100b USB handset can also work with a normal standard PC whether in the home or office.

Usage of the SG-HS100b USB handset will require a softphone such as sipgate X-Lite along with broadband connectivity, and only requires one free USB port. The SG-HS100b USB handset’s integrated VoIP soundcard will separate voice conversations from the usual remaining PC system tones and also incorporates anti-jitter and echo controls.

Sipgate SG-HS100b

Sipgate SG-HS100b

Sipgate SG-HS100b

Source — sipgate

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