One third of Americans do not use SMS: study by Wirefly

Whether one believes the results of a mobile comparison shopping site such as Wirefly is of a personal choice, however the numbers are somewhat staggering to say the least. According to a Wirefly survey, when it comes to SMS there are 3 mobile handset user groups in the United States.

Firstly, are the heavy text users who send from one or two SMS per day to hundreds over the course of the month. Approximately one third of users drop into this category. Secondly, 29% of respondents to the survey place themselves as an occasional text sender, and thirdly, 35% admitted never sending or using text messaging at all.

Like I said at opening, it is up to you whether to believe the figures but if you do that means one third of mobile phone users in the U.S. do not send text via their mobile handset, and one third equates to quite a number of people.

Source — smstextnews

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