Apple iPhone and fake compared: video

A popular blogger from Singapore, Wendy Cheng has taken some time out to make a comparison video between the Apple iPhone and a Chinese fake version. From what she says she actually prefers the Chinese fake to the real Apple iPhone, amazing!! Watch the video to get your own views on this comparison.

iPhone and fake

Source — gizmodo


2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone and fake compared: video”

  1. Thib says:

    You must put your comments in perspective. Wendy (aka Xiaxue) intended the review to be bias and she was basically poking fun at Apple and Apple users. The whole review is intended as a humorous act.

  2. johanna says:

    i have the chinese fake version iphone and i dont like it because for me being australian and cant read chinese all the gmaes on it are in chinese so how am i suposed to change it to english without paying someone to do it for me?

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