LG KU990 Viewty is so frustrating: Poor performance readers says

One of our readers called S. Iqbal Khan went out and bought the LG KU990 Viewty because he was looking for a phone with a very good camera, he was stuck between the Nokia N82 and the LG Viewty and in the end decided to buy the Viewty. The problems started when he got the mobile phone home.

This is exactly what S. Iqbal Khan commented —

I was looking for a cell phone with a good camera that will be at least equivalent of ordinary 5.0 megapixel digital camera like Sony DSC-P100. After seeing many ads at different websites I have somewhat convinced either to buy a Viewty or Nokia N82, but somehow I finally decided to buy Viewty. As soon as I have started using it, I am being frustrated with its poor performance in the following aspects:

* The built-in flash is not so bright to take picture of objects away from 1 meter; on the other hand when shooting macro the picture gets burned with the flash that has very limited control.
* The flash setting has the only options: 1) Always Off 2) Auto & 3) Red eye reduction.
There is no option to set forced flash (always on) to shoot an object with bright background.
*When “Image Stabilizer is at “On” the Flash becomes inactive.

*Ringer options:
No “Increasing ring” option for incoming call alert.
No separate volume control for incoming call & alarm. The alarm rings at ringer setting for incoming voice ringer volume.

*When shooting video at 120fps, the video size reduces to QVGA and needs more light than normal with inferior video details.

*While listening FM radio, the control buttons with the handsfree (other than the supplied one, supplied one does not have control buttons except analogue volume control & call accept) does not accept command of changing stations or controlling volume. The earpieces do not fit into the ear (Sony Ericsson & Samsung have already switched to special new types of earpieces that fits well into the ear). As Viewty does not have any dedicated buttons for volume and channel, it would be very much convenient to have supplied with a special handsfree which can be equipped with buttons to control volume & channel. Even the manual focus control button could be used for either of the functions of FM radio & Media player.


6 thoughts on “LG KU990 Viewty is so frustrating: Poor performance readers says”

  1. me says:

    ya stupid viewty is a good phone you r jus an un grateful b word who expects too much. give it two years and lg will be in direct combat with nokia . i know they will overpower them.

  2. Ross says:

    I fully agree with you plus I would add the fact it needs a stylus, these are things that get on your nerves especially when some of the problems could be fixed with an update, like with the alarm volume. You want your ring volume loud enough to hear during the day, but it scares the crap out of you in the mornings as an alarm.

    For under 100quid it’s a good phone. Has 3G and multi alarms(with 5min snooze), ok camera, If you ripped a film at the pictures with it the rip would be rated at (A5 V5 CAM) with full settings.

    Battery lasts ok if you set screen brightness down to lowest setting, and turn vibration off.


    Also if you want pron on your phone you can’t hide it as it groups file types together rather than letting you open folders separately in it’s media viewer thing so if your showing a family clip it may/will play the next vid it finds 😛

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