UK carriers slash price on 8GB Apple iPhone

Yes, the Apple iPhone is having its price slashed here in the good ole UK, as the Carphone Warehouse and O2 strip off a huge £100.00 off the current price of £269.00 deal for Apple’s 8GB iPhone handset. This great price reduction follows only a few weeks after T-Mobile slashed its cost of the Jesus mobile phone down to only €99 over in Germany.

But over here in the UK, well we get something way more substantial with the mobile being dropped down to size across every tariff, while our German friends can still only acquire the cheaper mobile phone if they sign the top-notch deal.

Unfortunately though this lower price is limited to the 8GB iPhone while the new 16GB version will stand firm at a wallet breaking £329.00, and don’t worry if you forked out for your Apple iPhone 8GB in the last month because you will receive an “Ultimate Price Promise” refund voucher worth £100.00.

Andrew Harrison of the Carphone Warehouse said, “Of course, significant price reductions can make people who have recently purchased feel like they missed out, so with our Ultimate Price Promise customers will get an unexpected bonus.”

This great deal is running until June so it is possible we will be seeing a 3G packed Apple iPhone in maybe a matter of weeks. So if you’re thinking of purchasing an iPhone the question you should ask yourself is, is it really worth forking out for the EDGE version right now, or should you hold back your hard earned cash and paying top dollar for the beefed up handset. As it is, stock of the Apple iPhone stays low, and it is obvious that this price cut deal will undoubtedly strip any reserves and broaden the already substantial Apple iPhone cult within the UK.

So you have the choice, pay low and go for the deal saving £100.00, or say no, I’ll wait for the 3G version to be released by Cupertino; the choice is yours.

Check out the £100 savings here –

1) O2 Store
2) Carphone Warehouse

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