Europe begins getting the Samsung Soul

Back in February at the World Mobile Congress Samsung promised Europe would see their Samsung Soul mobile handset around about now, and true to their word the Soul slider is slowly becoming available, and distribution is expanding during the remained of April and into May.

Outset target areas for the Samsung Soul, Samsung’s flagship handset are the UK, Germany and France with a promise of several major European carries add their weight to the launch.

Samsung Soul

The Samsung Soul features a 5 megapixel camera plus auto-focus along with face detection technology and image stabilisation, FM radio with RDS, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, and the best has to be the OLED powered 5-way navigation rocker which changes function based on the actual phone’s mood.

What is missing for the Samsung Soul feature list is GSM850 or HSDPA850. Unless AT&T or T-Mobile would like to foot the bill for a new updated version of course. Price range for the Samsung Soul should be somewhere in the region of €400, that’s roughly $632.

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One thought on “Europe begins getting the Samsung Soul”

  1. Ele says:

    Samsung Soul Review

    Ok so I have always been a Sony Ericcson girl but loved the look of this phone so upgraded. So lets sum up:

    Good points:

    Slim and light
    Great menus you can completely customise yourself
    Good camera picture quality
    Pretty pretty pretty!
    Touch keypad really responsive and easy to use and you can adjust the sensitivity

    Bad Points:

    Music playback a bit tinny
    Long winded texting (you have to add your recipient first, then do text, then if you wanna add !, ? etc you have to hold the # key and select the symbol then add it so it’s a lot of menus to go thru just to send a text. I just keep texts in the inbox, changed one of the shortcuts on the magic keypad to my inbox and just reply to people rather than creating new messages!
    When you send a text you cant do anything else with the phone till the text is sent.
    Initial battery life only 2 days but hoping that will improve
    Hard to see screen in sunlight but many phones are like that
    Cant use the camera when the slide is shut

    Overall even though there more bad points, they are things I will get used to and overall I like it too much to change it. So thumbs up and a sturdy 7/10 from me.

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