New Live Mesh Platform from Microsoft

Live Mesh is a new web-based platform launched by Microsoft that allows its subscribers to sync “the people, devices, programs, and information” the subscribers use on a regular basis. Just imaging all your devices, PC’s , mobile handset, and even Mac’s all working in unison to bring you access anywhere information.

To use Live Mesh a user must install the Live Mesh software on each device they wish to include in their “Mesh” whether it is a mobile phone, a PC, or any other device you use then add folders to their “Mesh”.

The folders will then be automatically synchronized and in an always available mode for you to access whether via the “Live Desktop” that the Live Mesh creates or via the internet. Microsoft Live Mesh puts you in the centre of your digital world, bringing you anywhere access to information, people, programs, and devices always available no matter where you are.

The user of Microsoft Live Mesh will receive 5GB of free storage which can be used from most web browsers. Live Mesh also brings the user the ability to share access with family, friends and colleagues; users can also send instant messages, update their documents, and post comments. There are even a set of tools which actually keep a user posted as to when their friends and colleagues are online, which of them has updated their documents, read comments, posted a comment, or accessed their files and folders.

Security of course is utmost and Microsoft adds that each mesh is password protected, while file transfers are protected using Secure layers (SSL, which is of the same standard security as that banks use. So Live Mesh users can be assured their information is completely secure.

Initially Microsoft Live Mesh is to be offered to Windows XP and Vista operating system users however will be broadened to encompass Mac and other platforms in the future.

Source — mesh via pocket-lint

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