No 3G for the mean looking Stealth iPhone from Colorware

Looks almost as if it’s a completely different Apple iPhone, maybe even the 3G iPhone, but no it’s an awesome colour job by Colorware. An all black paint job which makes the Apple iPhone look real mean and it also comes with matching iPhone dock and earphones.

This custom Stealth iPhone doesn’t change any iPhone specs; however they have released a handset that could clearly resemble the 2nd generation iPhone. The Stealth iPhone is a stunner and is priced accordingly, therefore dig deep and shell out for the 8GB iPhone $675.00, and for the 16GB iPhone $775.00

Stealth iPhone

Source — colorwarepc


3 thoughts on “No 3G for the mean looking Stealth iPhone from Colorware”

  1. Hi,

    Now I’m curious about Colorware.
    I find the price tag too high, but then again I guess it’s like cars and houses : the most expensive always find a buyer.
    I still have my E1000 🙂

    Kind regards,


  2. Sean says:

    Awesome paint job? How exactly is covering your beloved iphone with black spray paint an awesome paint job?

    “Hey guys come to us to pay an extra sum of money to make your expensive hardware look like a cheap imitation!”

    I’ll stick with the already gorgeous looks of the original colour scheme.

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