Rogers Canada to gain Apple iPhone and Nokia N95

Unfortunately Canada isn’t privy to the newest and high-end mobile handsets that dominate the US; Rogers Canada is Canada’s primary GSM provider, and with a distinct lack of competition prices of GSM data plans are somewhat high on Rogers network.

But it seems Rogers customers may have something to look forward to , and whispers have it that Nokia’s N95 mobile phone is to hit Rogers GSM network on 2nd May. The Canada bound N95 should still incorporate a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi, GSM receiver, 3G HSDPA, and TV-out, and with a little help from Rodgers the Nokia N95 should be able to use video calls.
Any would-be Nokia N95 owner in Canada can expect to shell out in the region of $699.00 without contract.

Even more good news heading to Canada and for all those Canadian Apple iPhone hopefuls, you may soon be able to grab hold of a Rogers locked Apple iPhone. The Apple iPhone’s entry into Canada has been seen as one of the most costly GSM plans, but with Rogers “Communicate Value Pack,” a $20.00 unlitited data plan, Rogers is seen as preparing the path for the iPhone.

Rogers Canada

The Toronto Star cites industry sources as indicating that Rogers is preparing the way to launch a touch-screen handset campaign with the release of the Apple iPhone. Apple’s iPhone handsets are expected to assault Canada around May/July; this timing could be in line with getting the iPhone into Canada before RIM release the BlackBerry 9000 thus allowing Apple a head start in RIM’s own territory.

Source — electronista

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