iSwish another Apple iPhone UI take for Windows Smartphones: video

Windows Mobile is a huge UI backed by a huge developer community and used on a vast amount of mobile phones. Of course there have been a few complaints about its stability, and the like, but the probable chances are that your good old Windows Mobile handset is beginning to stumble due to the 3rd-party apps that make the UI so attractive originally.

So how can this be solved to bring back the fun and innovative interface such as the Apple iPhone? Answer: stick the Apple iPhone UI on your Windows Mobile handset. So, the latest way to shove the good old iphone multi-touch UI on your slowing Windows Mobile device is “iSwish” and “iZoom” from Flick Software Research. iSwish and iZoom apps are both due for launch early in May and are in beta form, and also complete rip-off’s of the Apple iPhone UI, but then again sa the old saying goes…If you can’t beat them, join them!

Video showing the Flick UI below

Source – Flick

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