GSmart thumb-friendly Windows UI looks smart: video

The clever people at Giga-Byte announced recently a newly constructed interface for use on its GSmart Windows Mobile smartphones such as the so called Smart Touch. This new interface is apparently a thumb-friendly UI which is apparently quite intuitive and flexible, however with few icons on the screen it would appear that maybe an idea or two has been “borrowed” from Apple.

With the Smart Touch UI users can add up to 16 most used applications as short cuts on the standby screen, although only four icons are visible at once and the user needs to swipe across the screen to view the others. The centre of the display is taken with a large clock along with a quick access to the Today screen icon. Although one presumes a user can of course customise the appearance of the display to suit their individual needs.

The GSmart UI isn’t available until after May when Giga-Byte is due to release it to the public arena. The only real other thing to ask is will the Smart Touch UI work on non GSmart Windows Mobile handsets? One would like to think so because the video below does look quite promising.

Source — the::unwired

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