Sidekick LX to gain video support soon

Seems like the Sidekick LX it to gain some cool video support in the near future, judging by these screenshots. Both screenshot would confirm that video recording and playback are to be included in the update.

HipTop3 are saying that H.264 is more than likely to be the preferred codex; however there is still talk of H.263 support as well. So, whether the Sidekick LX is to gain either H.264 or H.263 is yet to be clarified or seen, but we’d place bets on it gaining the H.264 via Over The Air update.

Sidekick LX

Sidekick LX

As soon as we know when this update is available we’ll let you know.

Source — hiptop3


One thought on “Sidekick LX to gain video support soon”

  1. tootsieroll22 says:

    The update should be coming late july(or so) but I want to know what format it will be in. Would h.264 be able to view utube. I would hope so…

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