BlackBerry style hybrid mobile phone being worked on by BT

According to the times online the British giant fixed land-line carrier BT is working on a “BlackBerry style” mobile handset that will do just about everything modern smartphones will do, but apparently with a little twist. The twist apparently is the phone will be packaged as part of the broadband package and will be able to “switch from BT’s wireless Home Hub indoors to Vodafone’s network on the move.”

To me it sounds much like T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home service, however wouldn’t it be great if BT actually opts for an open OS? First that springs to mind would be Windows Mobile of course. So now if BT could actually put out a few images and specs we could see if this is likely to be a winner, or if it will be another BT Fusion, who knows? We’ll keep our eyes and ears open on this one.

Source — engadgetmobile

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