Palm works on new Windows Mobile handset the Palm Skywriter

Latest reports coming from TamsPPC is that Palm has opened up Windows Mobile development access to promotional materials for the Palm Zeppelin and the Palm Skywriter; the codename “Zeppelin” being the internal name for the Palm Treo 800w, so nothing really new there as we all know the Palm Treo 800w is due release.

However, what is a new development is this appearance of the Palm “Skywriter” the image we have here looks somewhat like a mock-up, and well let’s hope it is a mock-up because it’s a fairly ugly looking piece of equipment, of the supposed Palm Skywriter mobile phone.

Palm Skywriter

Word is the Palm Skywriter will be based on the Palm Centro Windows Mobile so will probably be targeting the consumer market. Palm Skywriter specs suggest that it will probably be along the lines of the mysterious GPS WiFi and HSDPA Palm Drucker, which has availability slot the same as the Palm Skywriter of July 2008.

Another note is that the Palm Treo 800w is expected on the 22nd of July, and WMExperts say the possibility is that the Palm Treo 800w could possibly launch in GSM and GCMA which gives credence to there being two codenames for the Palm Treo 800w.

Palm Skywriter

Source — wmexperts

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