Commodore 64 Classic Jupiter Lander comes to mobile

This June Eidos is to release to mobile the Commodore 64 classic game Jupiter Lander, the original game was first release 25 years ago and since then has been reincarnated a few times. The basis of the game is quite simple, the gamer steers a spaceship to safety via its thruster’s only as directional controls and land it easily at a choice of landing bays.

Jupiter Lander has 10 levels and the gamer starts each and every level with a minimal quantity of fuel which of course gets less every time the thrusters are fired. As you progress through the levels each design gets more and more fiendish with craggy rock formations and in later levels more hazards and obstacles to avoid. The mobile gamer will find multiple landing zones on each level which the harder zones offering up bonus points.

Commodore 64 Classic Jupiter Lander

Eidos offer two types of gameplay, the original Commodore 64 perfect recreation with retro visuals and eight colour palette, and the more polishes modern version with all new graphics, particle effects and zoom mode. However, both game modes offer the timeless gameplay of the original version, simplistic controls and a game that is perfect for the mobile arena.

Source — pocketgamer

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