Review roundup of the Samsung Glyde mobile phone

One of the most hyped mobile handsets on an American carrier most recently has to be Samsung’s newest offering, the Samsung Glyde. And one problem being hyped so much is living up to such hyped expectations. Will The Samsung Glyde actually live up to all its hype and fanfare? Well apparently, coming from the starting gate is a complaint that the Samsung Glyde lacks support for Verizon’s MediaFLO V CAST TV service.

Verizon’s MediaFLO V CAST service is one of the services of the Samsung Glyde’s competition, such as the Voyager supports. Another thing, apparently the Samsung Glyde’s UI is being somewhat panned for being a tad confusing, while compounding matters is that its described by Phone Scoop as a “push UI” because of its fiddly touch-screen. The Samsung Glyde’s keyboard on the other hand seems to be quite good. So I guess if you can put up with its negative aspects you could still get on well with the Samsung Glyde, if not then just opt for the Voyager.

Samsung Glyde

Source — phonescoop

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