So just how does Apple keep their iPhone 2.0 a secret?

Apple has been able to maintain a certain amazing reputation for being able to take their products all the way through the development stage and even to the point of having millions of items ready to ship, and all without a single leak making it out into the light of the internet. So how do they manage it?

With the first generation Apple iPhone they managed for a whopping 30 months of development with manufacturing partners, as well as carriers like AT&T and even the might of Google as they too developed applications for the Apple iPhone. However during all this 30 months not one significant leak, not a whisper of a leak made it out; in fact even when the Apple iPhone was unveiled some Apple senior managers were also seeing it for the first time, unbelievable?

Just like most major technology firms, Apple has the usual binding contracts with their employees, and no doubts it spells out in no uncertain terms that contributing to any leak would result in their dismissal and prosecution. However, what is the really astounding thing is 3rd-parties such as manufacturing partners and the like gain access to these innovative mobile phones long before they are officially unveiled, and yet details still manage to go un-leaked.

Apparently, when the original Apple iPhone was unveiled, Apple employees were even prevented for informing their own families about the ultra top secret project they had been working on.

Apple’s head of marketing, Phil Schiller, and one of the very few Apple executives involved with the iPhone project from the beginning stated he too had to keep any knowledge of the iPhone development project from his wife and children. Apparently when he left his home for the official unveiling, Schiller said his son inquired, “Dad, can you finally tell us now what you’ve been working on?”

Steve Jobs paused during the keynote to actually acknowledge the sacrifices and strain that the past months has brought not just for Apple employees who managed to keep the secret really well, but also for their families, he said with obvious sincerity: “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

So in closing I just have to say, I still have no idea how they manage to keep such a tight lid on things. So if you have any clue drop us a line.

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