Apple iPhone Windows Vista Perfection Theme Download: Do we want Vista?

Apple iPhone users will either love or hate Windows Vista on their beloved device, we will give you the details anyway. You can now get Apple iPhone Windows Vista Perfection Theme Download.

This is a pretty hard one to think about really, in that I mean when I bought my laptop I took Vista off and replaced it with XP so why the hell would I want Vista on my iPhone. Looking into this a little further I must say that this new theme is beautiful, will I want to use it though? I will have to ponder a little. Anyway VistaPerfection is a Summerboard compatible theme which has been created by Spec Works and this new download features 90 icons, sliders and vista login/logoff (unlock/lock), WiFi Icon, More Better And Sharper Dock Icons, More Dock Icons (Text,Installer,..Etc…), Categories Icons, Boot and Restore Images, Edge Icon, Badges, Status Bar, Revamped TaskBar, Vista Login/LogOff (Unlock/Lock) Sound Scheme, Dock, Highlight Mask, Bottom Bar and LockScreen Wallpaper.


Oh boy that was long winded but all good it seems, the screenshot shown here shows you what you will see on your Apple iPhone plus it shows you how damn cool it looks, oh my days I am swaying towards the idea of Vista on my loving iPhone. Many people may hate the thought of the Windows logo but come on look at the screenshot it looks cool doesn’t it. There is a little problem however, if you are interested you may want to know it is not available at the moment via Installer.app which means you will have to manually go through a long winded and boring processes in order to make your beloved Apple iPhone a Vista one. The choice you have to make is “Are you confident enough to give it go? All the best my friends, please let us know how you got on, and please do tell us if you would like Vista on your iPhone? Instructions and download link below screenshot.


Full Instructions and Download here


4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone Windows Vista Perfection Theme Download: Do we want Vista?”

  1. SUNNY says:

    Hi i know that this theme will look nice if i can do the steps correctly but the thing is like i am not able to go to the instruction part if i click on here it will straight away go to google.co.in dont know what to do so please help for this problem

  2. Lan-Kid says:

    That looks cool and all but can you restore the os to your iPod touch or iPhone? If so, can you access all the data you previously stored on it?

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