According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) BlackBerry 9500 Thunder around September 2008

We reported to you a few days back about the new BlackBerry 9500 Thunder which will apparently be the next Apple iPhone killer (See here), well now we have the latest update of suspected the release date.

We told you that RIM were preparing to launch the all new touchscreen BlackBerry Thunder also know as the BlackBerry 9500 later in the year, well according to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and must say which gives good reason to believe we may all see this new mobile device as early as Q3 2008 which means around about September time. This new device should appeal to the business user and individual users, Verizon will get the exclusive launch rights for the U.S but for the rest of the world you will be able to grab this mobile phone through one of many Vodafone’s subsidiaries.

Now thinking about that launch date of Q3 2008 September time has me wondering because that is around the same time as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA release oh and not forgetting the release of the Apple 3G iPhone. Oh my god this could be a massive year for a mobile phone war. The question is what phone would you opt for if they all released at the same time, would you choose the BlackBerry 9500 Thunder, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA or my favourite the Apple 3G iPhone?

Source — Picture from BGR

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