Nokia N95-3 Software Update: No specific dates but rumoured to be June

New hot Nokia update, looking on the net we found on the official discussion board vandelay stating that their is an official word from the Nokia Software Update team.

The N95-3 which is the US version of the Nokia N95 will be getting a software update, Nokia are definitely aware of consumers amazing demand for a new software release and it is said that the development teams are all working to produce the all new software as soon as they can, there are no specific dates as of yet but is expected or should we say rumoured to be around June time. You must remember that your mobile phone service provider, carrier or operator may not of course approved the latest Nokia device firmware.

Nokia n95-3 software update as early as june

Nokia do indeed produce different variants of each product like for example different countries and languages and not all these variants will have the latest Nokia device firmware, their priority is to update all variants as soon as they possibly can and they have apologized for the delay. Their firmware update should be here within the next 5 weeks (Hopefully) which means it covers our date through to June. Now the question is “what will this new update include? It would be good to see Demand Paging, Flash Lite 3 and Web Runtime support. It has to be said, it is good to hear Nokia piping up and communicating about this situation but we say 5 weeks is a long time off, Nokia customers should have seen this update sooner.


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