Indie Jones gets an adventure on O2 Mobile

The latest blockbuster adventure of our intrepid hero Dr. Indiana Jones hits the silver screens on 22nd of May, and so O2 thought it would be a nice touch to take their customers along with the adventure. Thus O2 has teamed with Samsung to offer their customers exclusive access to mobile content for probably the most anticipated sequel movie to hit the big screen this year, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tm”

O2 fans of the Indiana Jones action adventure films will definitely be on for a huge treat when they gain exclusive access to the must have/really want Indiana Jones content via O2 Active or by texting JONES to 2020*What’s more is O2 users will be able to buy the latest Samsung hero mobile handsets, the Samsung Soul and the Samsung J700 which will both receive the content which is worth over £30.00, free of charge.

This great Indiana Jones content includes movie wallpapers, Voice Tones from your favourite Indiana Jones character, downloadable games, and True Tones including the actual Indiana Jones theme music. The free content will be 8 Indiana Jones wallpapers for customising your mobile handset, and four True Tones from the movies which include the unforgettable “The Raiders March” the Indiana Jones theme music.

Also, customers on O2 Pay Monthly who buy the all new Samsung Soul can now go on their won adventure via an Indiana Jones demo game which will be embedded into the Samsung Soul. Marketing Director O2 UK, Sally Cowdry says: “I’m delighted that O2 is at the forefront of delivering unique content from the biggest movie blockbusters to all our customers. Mobile is now seen as a key channel to reach consumers and this is a great way to ensure that O2 customers enjoy an even greater interactive brand experience.”

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