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Greystripe, advertising supported mobile games distributor has announced their deal with Sega to bring three classic Sega game titles to the mobile arena via its Catalogue Platform partners. Apparently, Sega is to monetize their mobile games content through Greystripe’s AdWRAP advertising network, a network that includes the likes of Yahoo!, eBay, Diet Coke, and New Line Cinema.

According to said agreement between Greystripe and Sega, they are launching these popular classic mobile games: Golden Axe, Afterburner II, and Sonic Jump. Afterburner II is a classic SEGA arcade favourite that has the gamer controlling a fighter jet while combating loads of supersonic enemy fighters. Sonic Jump, well it speaks for itself really, just go vertical with the friendly blue hedgehog. Finally, Golden Axe, well actually Golden Axe for mobile is free, and you still need to save the land of Yuria from the evil minions of Death Adder.

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Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe had this to say: “Our partnership with them [Sega] is a huge win for our end users and demonstrates that Greystripe is able to bring the biggest brands to the mobile gaming audience.”

While VP of Mobile at Sage, Linda Chaplin remarked: “Sega has selected to be a part of the Greystripe’s distribution network of sites as it opens up the category to a whole new market of consumers. The ‘free games’ proposition allows consumers to try mobile games without risk and we’re confident that our brands and commitment to quality will convince consumers to stay and continue gaming on their mobile phones.”

AdWRAP tech from Greystripe allows advertisements to be wrapped within mobile games and apps without any complex codes and development for the content owner.

Source — intomobile

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