Apple iPhone versus Blackberry Bold Hands on Video Review

The Apple iPhone versus BlackBerry Bold is what everyone is talking about at the moment and we have a video below which you can watch thanks to a good source. We would still love to know when officially the Bold will be available by RIM or AT&T.

The iPhone Blog got their hands on these two mobile phones and compared the two together, they have tons of images. We will not tell you too much of who is the winner, which has the best because that will spoil the video provided below. On a personal note I can big up the Apple iPhone because I have one and until I get my hands on the Blackberry Bold I will have to stand back on judgment, both phones look very good in the spec department and both phones look very good indeed, choosing a winner here we feel will be pretty damn hard.


Now please do watch the video we have put below and then in our comments area provided please let us know if you would choose the Apple iPhone or the BlackBerry Bold and why you came to this decision?

Thanks and enjoy. Oh just so you know the video runs for 9 minutes and 4 seconds.


5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone versus Blackberry Bold Hands on Video Review”

  1. I’m still torn. Guess I’ll have to see what this “second coming” iphone has to offer. From a productivity standpoint, I think BB bold has the advantage, but iPhone is still that ultra cool device.

  2. nitemarez says:

    though I’m a bb fan, this is the first review from iphone related blog who did not just go on bashing bb cuz it’s not an iphone.

    appreciate the honesty. In my opinion, you’re the ONLY honest reviewer I’ve seen (who’s actually from an iphone related site/place)

    kudos buddy…

  3. I like the Iphone, STILL but struggle with the scratchability of the screen. When making a big investment like this I want something that is not going to scratch up. I also like, being a self employed business person, the fact that I can buy a credit card adapter for the blackberry so that I can take customer orders when I am out of the office. When will IPhone do this. Thanks for the clear and honest review!

  4. Lovisa says:

    The BlackBerry Bold is the winner!
    I own one and my friend owns an iPhone, and even she admits my Berry is better, and wishes she had looked at the variety rather than just getting an 18 month contract with a rubbish phone.
    And if you like the fact the iPhone is touchscreen, check out the BlackBerry Thunder!
    I don’t like it, coz I’m not a fan of touchscreen phones.

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