Web Browser Debate: Apple iPhone Safari browser or Opera Mobile 9.5?

Opera Mobile 9.5 will be competing with the Apple iPhone’s Safari browser, the question is which one is better? Just so you know we have a live video below which is the latest Opera Mobile 9.5 preview.

Opera Mobile 9.5 is a very first feature-rich web browser for mobile devices, people will have to choose do they prefer Safari or Opera. The live video preview is by none other than Matthew Miller from ZDNet, see what you think after watching the videos below then come back to me and post your comments. We all know that Opera have done everything in the power to make something good and it has paid off, Opera’s web browser is very fast and does indeed offer pretty much the same smooth scrolling and panning like that of the Apple iPhone. The video demo is running on the HTC Advantage and we know that the HTC Advantage has dedicated ATi graphics chip, very fast 624MHz CPU and VGA resolution display.

Now some good news and bad news, when it comes to the navigational side of things like the double tap, zoom in, panning etc which is good on the iPhone with the use of your finger, the downside to Opera Mobile 9.5 is that it really likes the use of a stylus. We must all sit back and ponder on the thought that the Opera Mobile 9.5 offers so much more than the iPhone Safari like copy and paste, full screen mode, saving images, sending hyperlinks to other people plus downloading files. Many people will say that the new Opera Mobile 9.5 will be ideal for Windows Mobile users who have been plagued by the inadequate Explorer Mobile browser way too long. Please do watch the videos below and then come back and post your comments, we would love to know if you would prefer Safari or Opera Mobile 9.5?


2 thoughts on “Web Browser Debate: Apple iPhone Safari browser or Opera Mobile 9.5?”

  1. surur says:

    I am using Opera Mobile 9.5 right now, and got to this page by opening a link in a new tab, something Safari can not do.

    Unlike Safari, Opera Mobile 9.5 has style AND substance.

  2. msmith says:

    opera mobile 9.5 sounds like a great browser. Mobile safari is lacking many useful features that you would expect from an apple product. wish i could have opera mobile on my iphone asap.

    great right up.

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