Has Apple received a shipment of 3G iPhones?

That is the big question; did Apple just take a shipment of their 3G iPhones? One would imagine it depends on just how you look at it, or more to the point how you interpret the latest reports from US customs tracker ImportGenius.

According to their report, Apple has just taken receivership of 188 container-ship containers in an undisclosed North American port. Now the thing is, while it is quite plausible that this new shipment could well be Apple’s continued supply of computers and iPods, there are whispers running round that these containers could possibly be holding as many as 40,000 next generation 3G iPhones in each.

Historically Apple have always marked their containers that contain desktop computer, well yes it’s obvious, as “desktop computers” and the reason for these latest whispers is that these containers where not marked “desktop computers” but “electronic computers.”

So what we are thinking is could these “electronic computers” sitting in these 188 containers actually turn out to be the new second generation 3G Apple iPhones? It is a possibility. However, even if it’s not it must be only a few more weeks until we until we all see an Apple 3G iPhone out in the open, surely Apple can’t keep us all waiting much longer, or can they?

Wonder if it’s worth someone giving the shipping company a call to see if they know anything? Maybe not, anyway let’s all hope Apple pop out the new 3G iPhone at the front end of June rather than the back end.

Source — importgenius


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