3G iPhone the Apple of BMW’s eye as they become compatible

So BMW have now changed their website to include the Apple iPhone with an advertising page saying BMW cars welcome the new iPhone. It would seem the Apple iPhone and the BMW make a perfect match, both big names in their own rights, and now BNW owners can connect their Apple iPhone easily to their BMW and experience music and calls, check address book an such more, which of course can all be activated using the in-car controls.

The new second generation 3G Apple iPhone when it arrives will be compatible with most BMW makes as of day one. Although there is as yet little detail about this integration all that is needed according to the BMW website is to use the new Apple iPhone in a BMW is the “USB/audio interface” along with a suitable mobile phone preparation with Bluetooth interface.

3G Apple iPhone

So with this latest development maybe when you get hold of your new 3G Apple iPhone you’ll want to rush out and buy a brand new BMW? But does this news really come as a surprise to most since BMW was the first to provide Apple iPod support isn’t it a natural move from them to be the first to offer 3G Apple iPhone support? So now you can enjoy your 3G Apple iPhone and your BMW in parallel, bring you sheer pleasure in both mobile worlds.

BMW states “further details” is to follow, who knows maybe other car manufacturers will follow suit sometime in the near future.

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3 thoughts on “3G iPhone the Apple of BMW’s eye as they become compatible”

  1. Tim says:

    If anyone bothers to look on the BMW website, its obvious that their cars are compatible with the original iPhone released last year. No mention is made of the 3G iPhone supposedly released next month. This article is just a ploy to get views of this website off of the buzz surrounding the new iPhone.

  2. The new iPhone 3G is not fully compatible with BMW’s iDrive and for those who have the original iPhone that has been working perfectly with their iDrive, DO NOT update to iPhone2.0 software as it stops the address book sync from working with iDrive!
    I’ve updated my iPhone from 1.1.4 to iPhone 2.0 software and my 600+ contacts are no longer available on the BMW iDrive screen which means I’ve also lost the ability to voice dial from the car’s controls.
    Read more about it including photos here:

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