HTC P3400i PDA not so smartphone: Diamond it is not

HTC have decided to bring out an entry-level smartphone, smartphone if that’s what you call it. The new handset is called the HTC P3400i PDA phone which has just been recently revealed and to be honest it is no Diamond.

The HTC P3400i does run on Windows Mobile 6 which would have been great say a year ago, now seeing as HTC have the Touch Diamond do they honestly think people will buy this model. I really do not know what to say about this phone but other than give you the specs and details, the HTC P3400i PDA phone will feature 2.8-inch touchscreen, quad-band GSM/GPRS radio, 2 megapixel camera and some pre-installed Microsoft software to help you a long the way and media playback capabilities.

HTC P3400i PDA not so smartphone

This phone is good value for money, do not get me wrong and obviously aimed at business users but I have to say business must be in dire straights to want an entry-level phone when they could have better. Will you buy this phone is something I would love to know, anyway the HTC P3400i PDA should be available by the end of this month at all authorized resellers, and the suggested price will be $488.

What do you think of the HTC P3400i PDA not so smartphone?

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30 thoughts on “HTC P3400i PDA not so smartphone: Diamond it is not”

  1. Sam says:

    Yes I have brought this phone which is many time
    worth than buying an overpriced N series Nokia Phone. My Advice to everyone – Before buying a Phone just have a look at this one and its price. Make an apple to apple comparison to the features that it offers with many Hi-End phones. You will find out the worth for every penny in this phone.

  2. mac says:

    ya,just happened to purchase it a few days back.
    my personal opinion is that
    its truly worth its cost and as an entry level pda its gr8.



    64 mb ram is not entirely dedicated ie…..user ends up with only around 50% for his own programs
    ……hence its slow…

    problem can be overcome if u dedicate memory wisely


    need to clear up phone memory every now and then………hence we end up storing every thing on our sd cards

    right now i am still having problems playing mpeg 3
    video files . maybe i will sort it out soon

    my advice…………..

    just like sam……… its worth every penny it costs

  3. Nat says:

    I agree with both Sam and Mac with respect to the worth of this mobile. Nokia stands no good with the price tag HTC has…

    Its a great entry level PDA… i happen to own a N-73 (office) and i am sure HTC is way better than the N-73 atleast..

  4. Angad says:

    I Agree with all of you … bt ppl as u see i live in india and here Public Wifi is as rare as u finding a gold con on the road so .. it is worth all u get … im just waiting to put a GoForce card in this phone if i can that is ..
    this phone may have low ram bt it cost me only Rs. 8700/- thats like 200 ~ 220$ i say WHAT A PRICE !!!!!!!

    Edge is there in most places of the world so i get 256Kbps with the RS 100/- i pay for GPRS (5 ~ 7$)

    The HTC touch which i saw b4 this phone was costing me Rs. 16000 /- like 400 ~ 450$ (OUCH !!)

    and i thought that y not pay a little a month cause im not gona use this phone for ovr 1.5 years and when i tallied the costs of a phone with Wifi and a phone without wifi and i pay for GPRS i end up saving some cash ……. 🙂 this works for me 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. manish manohar says:

    it is a good deal
    when I bought this phone I know only some features of it but it is so wider then those
    a smaetphone which works like your pc/laptop when you are not at home
    surprizingly it’s amazing
    just love
    my htc

  6. Haymkarran says:

    hi guys…….Yup…this HTC is TOTALLY WORTH the price tag…..its an awzm phone….expandng the memory is not an issue…coz the features this phone has and the price!!!!!…(compared to the other smart phones)….its totally cool….

    i guess its expandable upto 4GB… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my suggestion……

    GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. pradyot says:

    This phone is good value for money I would love to know, anyway the HTC P3400i PDA should be available by the end of this year at all authorized resellers,….so go for it….

  8. Naveen says:

    Hi, Iam using HTC p3400I from last 2 Months but having problem with the Video files i.e; MPEG / .3gp/ MP4 are not working when i am uploading from system, so pls anyone suggest me how to overcome that thing.

  9. Kanika says:

    HI…m planning to buy htc P3400i
    bt dunno d feature..actually i need a fon which can save all MS-office files…n have a advantage of oxford dictionary wid sum other application software which r available at PC…
    so if any1 could help me in knowing whether dese features r available in dis model…..
    i would b gr8ful to u…

    thanx in advance

  10. Pranay says:

    Hey Kanika,
    I am using HTC P3400i… Its a gr8 phone… It has a full mobile office 2007. You can create, edit, save and view word, excel and powerpoint documents in it and also PDF files in Acrobat Reader… And for the dictionary, go to freewarepocketpc.net , you will find the Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus and many other dictionaries…. Don’t hesitate to buy this phone…. Its really amazing and very user friendly….

  11. Prabu G says:

    This mobile is a power pack phone..for it’s price tag,no other phone models that have the same price tag can compete wif it..infact u get more than what u pay for from this phone..thou this phone is lacking of wifi,3g,radio,lagging ram speed and some minnor problems yet i would say that this phone is way much more better compared to other phones wif the same price tag..further more this phone can even be compared to few superior branded models that have a slightly higher price tag but yet they dont function as good as this phone can n does..wut i really like from this phone is its large touch screen,simple design,crystal clear sound quality,applications n of course not leaving behind its price tag..its trully a stylish affordable phone..

  12. vijay says:

    I bought HTC P3400i 20days before. For this 20days iam facing lot of problems in this mobile. i referred some forums before buying this mobile, but i don’t think this handset is have such continuous problems, iam not able to make / receive call and messages properly. Handset often got hanged. Network disconnected often, i gave for service and they gave me after five days saying that there was a problem in the board and we replaced it, but still the problems persist, they told that it was a software problem and they are waiting for the patch. really crazy !! i really disappointed by buying this mobile… In the service center i met one more guy having same problem with this p3400i. Please enquire well before buying this mobile… thanks.. vijay (vijaybabu.php@gmail.com)

  13. jeet says:

    hi guys and gals
    i also bought HTC p3400i, its realy gud fone , but im facing problem that vodafone is not giving GPRS service for this phone. if any user using currently this servise suggese me.

    well its a nice cheap attractive phone go and get it!!

  14. nakul says:

    hi.i wanted 2 purchase htc p3400i can anybody tell me about this pda .i heard that the function of this pda is complex is it so.and the speed of this pda is also slow and it hangs alot.currently i am using nokia n70m .can anybody who is using this pda help me out

  15. Parth says:

    hi guyz!!!
    well i bought dis htc P3400i 1 month ago. I find dis fon to be amazing. By luking at it’s price it’s features r awsum. The voice clarity is gud even d hdphns work gud n pics quality is very gud as compared to dat of other 2megapix fons. i suggest all those who r thinking to buy a smart fon within dis range to buy HTC P3400i. Dis fon provides us all d fun which we needs in our daily life…. i wud lyk to say dat dis fon is gud package….
    before buying any fon thinks twice bout dis fon…

  16. rakmik says:

    i own that phone for 1 month. I also own k750i from 3years The great phone which is also running flawlessly .
    In my opinion htc p3400i is the best phone in this price tag.hundreds of software or downloads.best os windows mobile.
    Trust me if you have knowledge of computer then must go for this mobile .
    FRIENDS, I have a question.,does this mobile support USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE.

  17. pravin says:

    I purchased HTC p3400i,
    Now I wish to browse internet from my college’s internet. The wi-fi facility is available in the campus.
    I had read about its VPN facility but how to enable my set or tune my set to bowse internet I am not understanding? Can you guide me in this aspect?
    Thaking you

  18. babunand says:

    hi m using htcp3400i since 8 months…. earlier i could copy paste frm phn mem to sd but now its showing the media is write protected… i took it to service centre but they r telling that htc doesnt provide this service….. neither they hav their own customer service they are doing it through salora… they dont own their own… when u take d phn they simply reset it n give it back… thats all…. i will rather say to wait till they open their own service centre….

  19. rakmik says:

    pravin ur sd card adapter has write protect knob like floppy disk.when u insert sd-adapter somehow its set change to write protected.u can fill the knob channel by small quantity of paper.
    wish for all the healthy life.

  20. Sikander says:

    Hi all,

    I have bought this phone recently, can anybody tell me how to play the movie file (*.MPEG, MP3) in the phone, is there any software which can be installed?Please suggest

  21. krishna says:

    Hi Everybody,
    This would be my debut for any review ever i have done so far. Esp. buying HTC P3400i using it eagerly made me to post this review.
    The first mark i need to put is “Its really more value for Money”.
    I never seen or come across a phone/pda with tht price and Mobile OS being bought when other SHARKS (ie Nokia, Blackberry, Motorola etc) are really ransacking customer pockets. My experience with this phone is really amazing and good phone to tweak with.
    I recommend this phone to all users esp. ppl who are lovers to good PDA’s n who value for money rather than getting eaten by SHARKS.
    Last thing i need to mention is the trade-off with the phone is its performance…well what better can you expect with that price…..

  22. babu says:

    hi if u cant copy n paste just check on the sd card adapter…. there is a lock on the edge of the adapter … just open it n it will start its job…..

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