Hunt for the ultimate mobile phone remote control download: Help us please?

We are on the hunt for the ultimate mobile phone remote control download, we know for a fact that having many remote controls in our homes to control the stereo, TV, DVD/Blu-ray players, computers and so many more is too much to handle.

Yes we know that you can buy an all in one universal remote control but what better control to have than our own mobile phones. We go everywhere with our mobile phones and even in the house many of us have them right next to us, so come on it is obvious to say mobile phones are the best choice. Now there are many applications for us to download already and below we have a few for you without the need to search for hours, finding these ones only took seconds, but and a big BUT we know you know of better ones and this is why we want your help.

The ones we found are as follows —
Mobile Witch Remote Control which is a great program apparently which will control your computer from a distance using your mobile phone, Mobile Witch is great for business users for controlling things like PowerPoint presentation etc, you phone does need to be Bluetooth compatible, we will not go into it too much because you can learn more here.

Next up is that of “Bluetooth Remote Control” which will turn your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone into a stunning universal remote control for Window. See here.

Another one we found is at a cost and you must have a symbian OS phone for this product, it will control CD, TV, HiFi set, VCR and DVD player all from your mobile phone, check it out here.

If you know of any more that are easy to set up and use, please do let us know everything about it? Remember to tell us what it is called, the name of the website and some details of what you think about it please.


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