Apple iPhone to gain cheap Morodo low-cost MO-Call

Morodo has announced they are taking their low-cost calling service MO-Call to the Apple iPhone, which will bring a low-cost callback service to iPhone users.

Morodo’s MO-Call isn’t a native 3rd-party application such as Fring, which is expected to see the mobile sunshine sometime in June, but MO-Call is more like Jajah, and will bring quick access to the low-cost callback service.

Andrew Reid, Managing Director of Morodo states: “The iPhone (News – Alert) is a very desirable object but I think everyone agrees that there’s not much to like about Mobile Network Operator call charges. MO-Call for the iPhone provides a great money-saving alternative for consumers. This is yet another step towards our goal of becoming a global Virtual International Mobile Network Operator.”

The MO-Call application is apparently a public Beta software release which has been developed in Java J2ME, Symbian, RIM SDK for BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Smartphone, and Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Morodo Technical Director, John Barnes says: “MO-Call for the iPhone is a browser-based callback service. It’s very simple to use, customers just need to go to our mobile website from their iPhone to sign-up. We’re even offering some free trial call credit for iPhone users in the USA, Canada and Hong Kong. It’s wonderful to be able to showcase the talents of our Beijing development teams once again. Usually, the mobile developers get all the credit at Beijing Morodo; this time, I’m pleased to say that it’s the web developers who have delivered.”

Sound good to you Apple iPhone users? If so just point your Safari at mo-call.mobi and follow the interface’s simple prosess, and also while you are there you may like to discover just how much you’ll be charged as all MO-Call prices are on view.

One last point that seems a little strange, MO-Call is offering free trial call credits for Apple iPhone users in Canada, Hong Kong and the US, not that strange you may think, but take into consideration that the Apple iPhone is officially only available in the US, it does make one think.

Source — intomobile and TCM

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