What age should children be to own a mobile phone? Some Safety Concerns

We have always wanted to know if their should be a certain age for children to own mobile phones and the reason we say this because there are some major concerns that many people have asked.

We know that many children take their mobile phones to school and mobile phones should be used for none other than talking to protect them from harmful influences, many parents give their kids phones so that they can stay in touch with them to know if they are safe at all times which is obviously the right thing to do, but concerns that should be thought about are these children are taking their handsets to school and some children have better phones than others which may indeed involve bullying, we have nothing to back this up but it is a thought of what could possibly be happening. Other concerns are that there are mobile phone thefts on the streets and as an adult we have more of a chance of preventing ourselves from getting mugged by these thieves who want to steal our mobile phones but children stand less of a chance to stand up to these robbers.

All the above is pure speculation but at a guess we would say this is happening across the world. A very good point to talk about is the fact that mobile phones of today are smartphones allowing you to access the internet and with many parents not knowing how to put a block on their children using the web can be pretty harmful indeed, you have clearly got to be mad not to realize what sort of material can be found on the internet.

These are just a few concerns and we would like to ask you “What age should children be to own a mobile phone?


3 thoughts on “What age should children be to own a mobile phone? Some Safety Concerns”

  1. Daniel says:

    My daughter has a mobile phone and she is 9 years old, this is fine with us, BUT she only has numbers of family and friends on there and it is not taken to school.

    She can only have the phone at certain times and its taken off her if she is bad.

  2. Ms. Common Sense says:

    My son is 9, and since we live in an large apartment building, most of the friends he has are in the houses on our street. He had a cheap prepaid phone since he was 7, so his father and I could keep track of which neighbors house he was at, since the children on our street would always huddle at someone elses house,(usualy the one with the biggest yard, jungle gym, etc). Now at 9 years of age, he has a regular cell on our family plan, and it is still used to keep track of him, but we learned immediatly how to use the phones features and security to keep control of the phone.He can only call friends which are on the same carrier (usally free) and us. He doesn’t like the phone too much because we limit who he can call, and he asks when can he be unlimited, all we say is “when he is 18, and paying his own bill”. At bedtime or before the phone goes to our bedroom to charge for the next day.

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