Facebook friends can earn you minutes with Virgin Mobile USA

Most savvy companies realise how big Facebook has become and want to take advantage of that, and Virgin Mobile USA also wants to take advantage of Facebook’s growing popularity, one way they have already done so is by providing their users with mobile access to the ever popular social networking site, and their next step is introducing a new Facebook application.

Virgin Mobile USA’s “Fund My Phone” allows Virgin Mobile USA’s customers on Facebook to get their Facebook friends to help towards paying for their wireless minutes. The application used in an extension of Sugar Mama mobile market, an application that allows customers to earn up to 75 minutes of airtime a month when they view as spots, answer a few questions or respond to branded text messages.

Virgin Mobile USA

Virgin Mobile UAS customers will find the “Fund My Phone” application easy to use and fast to install, and can download the app and place it on their Facebook page, and it will allow the user to share up to five differing spots with their Facebook friends.

Beings the “Fund My Phone” application is an extension of Sugar Mama, should a user’s friends agree to watch ads on their own Facebook page they will earn the host Virgin Mobile USA airtime.

Want to take advantage of the Virgin Mobile USA service, fancy earning some airtime? All you need to do is add the “Fund My Phone” app to your Facebook profile, and then talk your friends into viewing the ads to pay for your minutes.

Source — intomobile

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