Mobile market gains two Indian Firms: Low cost GSM handsets based on NXP Semiconductors chips

It is always good to see new companies join the mobile handset market because this gives many more countries the choice, especially when it comes to low-cost mobile phones.

The latest news in shows that two new Indian companies entering the mobile phone market, the two companies from India have just announced plans to enter the country’s very fast growing mobile phone market by launching these low-cost handsets which will be based on NXP Semiconductors’ chips, the two new GSM handsets based on NXP Semiconductors’ chips will be launched by the electronics and home appliances company Orpat. It will promote the two devices at its 50,000 retail outlets and apparently are targeting sales of a staggering 2 million units this year.

More news reported by The Times of India (Link below) shows that the Calcutta-based computer and motorcycle manufacturer Xenitis Group have indeed created a brand new unit called Xenitis Telecommunications that will also launch entry-level handsets priced as low as Rs499 (around $12), come on $12 this is something we really do have to see, this will be an amazing achievement if this happens. Xenitis’ Santanu Ghosh said that the company was looking at a number of options and that these options include selling the device in partnership with many carriers or selling the devices under its own brand acting as an OEM for other vendors, we say that brand awareness is always the best option. He also added that the company is going places seeing as they have already received orders for around 160,000 mobile handsets from operators and manufacturers.

Sources – India’s Economic Times & The Times of India

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