1080p HD TV on mobile phones, what is the point? Human eye sees no difference

A brand new GPU may revolutionise mobile TV which some of you might find interesting, personally I beg to dither on this news.

ARM are apparently promising to deliver 1080p HD TV on mobile phones, this means that a new graphics processing unit (GPU) may in fact see 1080p high definition (HD) TV brought to mobile devices, including our beloved mobile phones. Let me go into some details which we found via the source shown below, the Multi-core Mali-400 MP from ARM has a single vertex processor capable of an awesome 30 million triangles a second. This means that it is way beyond any requirements of any gaming console, is it not? The new GPU can apparently hold between one and four fragment processors, this means with four it will fill more than a staggering billion pixels a second, which is more than enough to deliver 1080p.

A spokesperson for ARM said “We are still trying to work through this but in terms of IP (i.e. chip design) vendors, and perhaps also GPU [silicon] vendors; we think we are the only people to offer full OpenGL ES 1.0 1080p for HD TV”

These products using the Mali-400 GPU may start to show up sometime on the market by 2010.

Now here is a thought, some of you may agree with me on this. Do you think it is pointless in having 1080p HD TV on mobile phones seeing as the human eye will not see a difference on such a small screen, it is hard enough seeing the difference between 720p and 1080p on a TV let alone mobile phones?

Please let us know what you think on this one.



4 thoughts on “1080p HD TV on mobile phones, what is the point? Human eye sees no difference”

  1. Yes, I think 1080p power on the phone is a good thing, as long as it can display 1080p video when connected to a TV. But if it does not allow an external TV to be connected to it, then there is no point of having a phone which can do 1080p video files.

  2. Jacob says:

    Well if you wanted to output it to a big tv or projector it would be nice to not have to carry around a big bluray player, you could just have it in your pocket

  3. anon says:

    It would be good to have on a phone. The human eye is a lot more powerful than you'd think. Different sources give different numbers showing the lack of research into this area but most studies estimate around 500 megapixels, that's alot. You won't notice the difference, until you put a lower resolution phone and try and display a high res image on them. The lower res phone will miss out pixels and your eye will be able to pick up on that. Never underestimate the capabilities of the human body!

  4. not me says:

    I'm putting off buying a camcorder because I know these 1080p phones are right around the corner! What could be better than being able to wip out your phone and take great video at a moments notice? When your home you can play it on the big screen and share the experience with others as though they were standing right there with you! Can even post great quality video online for others to see…1080p is the new global standard in video and anything less will be obsolete soon…

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