The dilemma of trading in 2G iPhone for Apple 3G iPhone: Will you trade yours?

Personally I own the Apple iPhone and must say it is the best gadget/device I have bought in a while, in this business you have to have a good mobile phone and many of them were just that, a plain old phone. Nothing in my eyes can touch the iPhone and at the moment I have the iPhone 2G version.

Yes there are phones out there that interest me in the way of owning them and one of them is the HTC Touch Diamond, there are a few other but I will talk about that another time. The technology of today is moving so fast when you think about it. Well if you are an Apple iPhone owner you are well aware of the Apple 3G iPhone coming launching this month, and with the UK possibly seeing it at a subsidized cost of £100 (See Here) will you trade your 2G for the 3G.

Got to admit many people come up to me and ask what is the best phone out at the moment that does everything from calling, web browsing, emailing etc and my answer is always the iPhone. Obviously I will trade in my old version for the new 3G version as soon as it arrives in the UK, but I would like to know what happens to the one I already have. Obviously we take the iPhone into O2 to trade in for the new, and then what happens to the old phones seeing as they are on O2 contract, just a thought.

Anyway to the point, please answer this question “Are you going to trade in your Apple 2G iPhone for the brand spanking new Apple 3G iPhone? If you are not, please tell us why.


4 thoughts on “The dilemma of trading in 2G iPhone for Apple 3G iPhone: Will you trade yours?”

  1. Dude says:

    Why pay the extra 15 a month? currently I pay 20$ US for the 2g data plan and it comes with 200 text messages, the 3g costs an additional 30$ a month just for data and then 5$ extra for the text messages totaling an additional 35$ a month just to have GPS and a slightly faster network connection? The accessories in the original box are worth well over 50$+ alone the new one doesn’t even have a dock. Plus 2g has the same firmware as the new phone. Why bother. There is plenty of free wifi everywhere.

  2. Hi… No, I will not be upgrading to the iPhone 3G from my 2G model… the reason is simply because I love the current/old model. It would be like swapping my Ferrari 360 for a 430 just because the 360 is now “out of date!” I still love it.

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