New Pictures of WWDC 2008: Steve Jobs keynote as it happens

Today is one of the most important days for us here at Phones Review and we are trying everything in our power to stay above everything, we found over at Engadget that they have posted a few images of the coverage from WWDC 2008.

People are coming in fast and flocking to the WWDC 2008 and one of the pictures below proves this, so many people speak about the Apple 3G iPhone, they sleep it, they read about it, they publish it they compare it, they basically do everything in their power to say just about anything possible to do with this new phone, and of course we are one of those people.

Engadget are now in line at the Moscone Center, they will also be reported all the latest news as well. Just want to say thanks to Engadget for the lovely pictures. So much news will be coming your way from us at Phones Review, we will let you know as it happens, we will give you what you all deserve. Today as been a massive day and will of course be getting even more so busy later at 6pm UK time, be ready, be prepared readers as we are going to bombard you hopefully with some amazing news. In the meantime whilst you are waiting please take a peek at the pictures below and say what you wish in our comments area below.






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