WWDC 2008 Keynote Doors Are Open: Al Gore & Walt Mossberg Attend

Apparently Al Gore & Walt Mossberg are there and they are obviously going to love this day as much as we are, iPhone Buzz are there and reporting live. They have said that the room is massive and will take a while for people to pack out the room.

This is very exciting for everyone and we here at Phones Review have a lot of work ahead of us tonight, we have been here since 6am this morning and no doubt we will be up to early hours of the morning just to bring you all the latest news. Apparently the stage is all lonely with only two iMacs on the stage at the moment. Apple ushers are basically trying to settle everyone so they can get on with the show as they say. Come on Steve Jobs get out there and tell everyone to be quiet as you have some important news coming our way.

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