What Steve Jobs is saying right now live: Lets talk about Apple iPhone

250,000 people have downloaded the iPhone SDK and of them 4,000 have been in the beta program, iPhone 2.0 software, there are three parts: enterprise support, SDK, and new end-user features, push email, calendars, contacts, auto-discovery, global address lookup, remote wipe, all this stuff built in. In addition they have worked with Cisco to build in their VPN services, all sorts of security demanded by the enterprise. Everything they told us they wanted, we built in.” We’ve had a beta going. 35% of the Fortune 500 has participated in that beta program. The top 5 banks, top 5 securities firms, 6 or 7 top airlines, 8 of 10 top pharmacies, and 8 of 10 top entertainment companies.”

Steve is showing a video of how the Apple iPhone 2.0 has been used, reports coming in of company IT people falling over themselves to praise the platform, go on boys and you have not even had a drink yet. The video is over and Steve Jobs is back on stage with Scott Forestell to discuss SDK. Apparently Apple internally uses beta release SDKs and that the SDK in iPhone 2.0 we’re opening the same native APIs and tools they use internally… this means you as a developer can build apps for the iPhone the same way we do. Let’s start by talking about the APIs. The APIs and frameworks on the iPhone share extensively with OS X, they basically top it all off with Cocoa Touch, their UI object oriented framework, which makes building an application for their full screen touch interface an absolute breeze. They have a great set of APIs. On top of this they have a really powerful set of tools.

More to come please stay here as we will report it as it comes in.

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  1. Kinsey says:

    I had a recent problem with my iPod headphones where they started to shock my ears and some how they dented theirselves and fell apart. So I called apple and told them what happened. Well they sent me some new ones in the mail that were the SAME ONES!!!! so they started shocking my ears, dented themselves, and fell apart. So I am trying to get ahold of them but I can’t so I’m getting my word our there because I’m not the only one having this problem.

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