Samsung i900 Omnia Just Launched, photos & Specifications: Is the an iPhone 3G killer

Rumours are great of they are true and this time the Samsung i900 Omnia has finally been revealed by Samsung themselves. The Samsung i900 Omnia is a Windows Mobile Pocket PC and apparently seems a great competitor of the Apple 3G iPhone which we doubt very much but hey we have to go on what a lot of people are saying, but an iPhone 3G killer cannot be true surely?

It does however put it up against the HTC Touch Diamond but then again the HTC device has the HTC TouchFLO 3D which in our eyes seems a little stronger than that of the Samsung i900. Anyway we will give you the details of this new mobile phone, the Samsung i900 Omnia will be first displayed at the CommunicAsia expo which is in Singapore from June 17th to June 20th even though all the details and specs have been announced.

It is based on Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro and the specs include a 3.2-inch Wide QVGA display (240 x 400 pixels) plus an optical mouse, it offers a 5 megapixel auto focus camera with face and smile detection plus auto-panorama shot, built-in GPS receiver and Geo-tagging, the Samsung i900 Omnia is only 12mm thin with a stunning brushed metal casing that does look hot, the i900 is the same as the iPhone when it comes to storage seeing as it will come in either 8GB and a 16GB versions and will be available with microSD.

The Samsung i900 has quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support plus HSDPA 7.2Mbps and like the iPhone it also has the built-in accelerometer and Wi-Fi support, other specs include FM radio with RDS, stereo Bluetooth (A2DP), USB port and TouchWiz user interface. The Samsung i900 Omnia will go on sale from June 2008 and in Europe July 2008, you know around about the same time as the Apple 3G iPhone, wonder who will win.

Now check out the photos: –

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 1

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 2

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 4

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 5

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 6

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 7

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 8

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 9

Samsung i900 Omnia photo 10

Samsung i900 Omnia photo

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11 thoughts on “Samsung i900 Omnia Just Launched, photos & Specifications: Is the an iPhone 3G killer”

  1. Tony says:

    Just looks like a real rip-off. Shame on designers for just reverse engineering something that looks exactly like what it wants to compete with. This happens time and again with apple. It’s like those cheap fashion labels that copy the latest catwalk designs. They must feel pretty dirty…

  2. waverdr says:

    Hey Tony get over yourself and your fanboy love affair with the iphone.
    This phone looks to be so much more than the iphone including a 5 meg camera and gps,
    I think samsung have come up with a real iphone contender and i would prefer to purchase this instead of the iphone. Actually i will be getting one of these as soon as it is available. Anyone want a second hand N95 8 gig?

  3. i would definitely purchase this phone. this is alot techy than iphone. i had my iphone unit but i would sell it to buy this latest innovation of samsung in mobile communication. all the phone features can be very useful taking into consideration the fast changing world of lifesyle and technology.

  4. Mad Duke says:

    Ahhh for those who are comparing this product with the iphone. Please remember how restricted the iphone is!!??

    Just to note the iphone has no ad2p for streaming music to headphone. Cannot even send a simple file by bluetooth!! you have to use the nasty itunes ie no drag n drop for music. Until recently just a load of crap software available.. unless of course u want to jailbreak and invalidate your warrenty…. shall I go on

    There you have it.. think I will consider this not a copy but in many ways an improvement

  5. Jack says:

    guys, you can’t even try to compare this with the iphone. this is a REAL phone for real people. the iphone is just a fad (which is soo yesterday, btw) i would never purchase one – apple is so restrictive with their products! and they nickel-and-dime you for everything YUCK

    i would get this samsung in a heartbeat though if i had the dough

  6. bearwolf says:

    i must say that this is absolutely one of the neat-est phone i’ve seen… can’t even imagine comparing it with iPhone… omnia is a real stunner… due to high demand, believe it or not, the price soared up to $350 from the time of release… now, how can i buy that???

  7. RuFfBoY says:

    Great phone…. Got one. Its All the phone I’ve been dreamin about for years….. Hey Tony, how much u pay for ur iphone? My omnia was free on my contract…. And what about about bluetoothin a few few things with ur mates? Oh, you can’t participate…..

  8. RuFfBoY says:

    I’ve had mine a few weeks now, and really all what concerned me was the battery life, and that was only when canning hsdpa internet access, downloading at 85kb/s then I had to plug her in, or streaming youtube for a half hour solid. But aren’t most big screen phones like this? But anyway, battery life….. went on the samsung omnia website and it had a link to upgrade your firmware, did that and found the phone tonnes better since. Even doing the above.
    Apart form that little niggle, the phone is ace..

    There’s loads of free apps you can get from http://www.freewarepocketpc.net Useful ones.
    Oh’ and a nice app called s2u2 for locking the devise and spb mobile shell for the user interface

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