Why complain about the 2 megapixel camera in the Apple iPhone 3G?

Apparently there have been a few complaints about the latest Apple iPhone 3G keeping the same 2.0 megapixel camera as the original Apple iPhone. Well think about it for a minute, I mean really if you want top notch photos then don’t use a mobile phone use a real camera, no?

As with most cameras on mobile phones, the Apple iPhone 3G camera is simply for convenience of having something that can take a quick easy snap that could then be possibly emailed on to a friend or collegue. Most mobile phone cameras aren’t meant for the budding Ansel Adams.

Apple has given an appropriate tool for getting the job done without tying up the networks with 5 megapixels shot of your favourite aunt sunbathing. The same can be said for the “iChat AV” idea, no doubt Apple perfectly understands that if a front facing camera is put into the iPhone 3G along with iChat AV application then it would simply become a video-phone.

I guess the fact is the networks just couldn’t cope with millions making video-calls along with the regular voice calls, texting and other traffic, and that would include all the extra data bandwidth current iPhoners are gobbling up, and no doubt as of 11th July once the iPhone 3G hits our grubby paws surfing will be even more because it’s just got faster.

So you see there are obvious reasons for the Apple iPhone 3G to remain with the original 2.0 megapixel camera, it’s enough to get whatever photo you need on the go. So stop the complaints and go get yourself a nice small digital camera to carry alongside your brand new Apple iPhone 3G that way you’ll be prepared for anything.

Source — macdailynews

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