I am a current Apple iPhone owner, should I upgrade to 3G? Calling all owners

The title above say’s it all really and this is a question that many people have asked, so this is where we come in and ask you this question for you to answer. We all know websites/blogs went bloody mental in the wake of the iPhone 3G announcement at WWDC last week and we would love to know if Apple iPhone owners will upgrade to the all new Apple iPhone 3G.

Seeing as the 3G version device comes out on July 11th 2008 you have not got long to get your answers in, let me chat here for a while and see if anything that I say sways you. The main difference of course with the 3G iPhone is obviously what it suggests in the name, yes 3G which of course offers 3G network compatibility which has dramatically enhanced the performance somewhat, it means that when you transfer data and talk at the same time it can handle this with ease, of course this is all good if you live in an area that has 3G access which some of you may not have. The Apple iPhone 3G now has iPhone 2.0 software update and the App Store that comes with it is definitely a good thing, owners with the current iPhone will be able to download this software totally free, and the new iPhone applications are fantastic.

We cannot forget the fact that the new iPhone has built-in GPS capability (photo geo-tagging) which is a great tool because it can pinpoint with pretty damn good accuracy, just where you’ve taken any pictures on your iPhone. The fact that in the UK for example there will be 2 models available such as the 8GB version and the 16GB version, the new 8GB iPhone won’t cost you a penny on O2’s £45 and £75 tariffs and will only cost £99 on our £35 tariff and new £30 tariff, if you prefer the 16GB version you can have it for free on their £75 tariff, then you’ll just pay £59 with the £45 tariff and £159 on our £30 and £35 tariffs.

My Personal Answer:
I will be definitely upgrading to get the all new Apple iPhone 3G, try and stop me. I have already registered my interest and cannot wait to get my hands on it, I will do a few hands on reviews as well just to let you all know how it is, how it feels, and of course is the phone good or bad.

Please answer these questions:

1. Are you a current Apple iPhone owner?
2. Will you be upgrading for the 3G?
3. Are you a brand new customer thinking of the Apple iPhone 3G?

Please put your answers in the comments area provided below please, go on then scroll down.


One thought on “I am a current Apple iPhone owner, should I upgrade to 3G? Calling all owners”

  1. I am an iPhone owner and will be upgrading to iPhone 3G. Honestly, I’m thinking why not? It is qite cheap now and the only thing making me hesitate is that I have to renew the 18 month contract; I only had another 11 months left! LOL! The geatures they’ve added are almost essential, but they could’ve added more. Quite disappointing in a way. Anyway, I willbe upgrading and would advise anyone else to wait a week after release for the reviews. BTW, don’t listen to reviews from people with other phones coz they get jealous and slag it off, only listen to the owners.

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