Picasa overhauled to work with S60 mobiles and 36 in new languages

If you are an owner of a Symbian S60 Smartphone which relies on Picasa to store images you may be happy to hear that Google has recently given Picasa Web Albums mobile an overhaul so that it now works with the WebKit based S60 browser.

The user interface has been optimised for S60 mobile phones while the website uses AJAX so the user gains a more enjoyable experience. What is puzzling is why Google hasn’t done this before now and released it earlier. The Apple iPhone version seemed to appear real quickly, yet there are hundreds more S60 based mobile phones out there which could benefit. I know everyone and their dog adore Apple and well Google is their so called “partner in crime” but the optimised version S60 should be able to potentially reach loads more mobile phones.

And if you just happen to be one who has an S60 based Smartphone in a non-English speaking country, you will be pleased to know that have now even translated the site into 36 new languages, so it’s making t a sort of mobile local image gallery if you like. Furthermore, the newly revamped Picasa Web Albums mobile site works real fine with Windows Mobile Standard, and Windows Mobile professional edition handsets running Pocket internet Explorer, what more could you ask, not a lot.

Source — googlemobile

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