T-Mobile Sidekick LX Update Now Official Scoop: June 25 for cool Upgrades

T-Mobile according to Engadget have made the Sidekick LX update official which will start next Wednesday June 25, as they have said which is true when you think about it, it is not often you get official availability of anything at all, either it being software or hardware.

We all know that the internet loves the world of rumours and obviously this news update beats all those rumours straight in the face, the latest scoop is that there is going to be a massive update for T-Mobile’s Sidekick LX which will include stereo Bluetooth support, integrated alarm clock, video capability and much more goodies to put a big hefty smile on your face. Please do let us know when it really does get to you, because we would love to know what this update is all about.

Many of you love the new Sidekick LX because it is slimmer and much sleeker, it has a very large screen that incorporates high-definition LCD technology, and it also has a camera with flash and much more. We will let give you more information next Wednesday when we know more. Of course if you know more right now please drop us a line in the comments area provided below because this is important for our readers. This update should really be worth the wait if all goes well.

Source — Engadget


96 thoughts on “T-Mobile Sidekick LX Update Now Official Scoop: June 25 for cool Upgrades”

  1. Tony says:

    because sidekick slide is a smaller phone. i think its not any room to update the video package to the sidekick slide users because the sidekick lx is a widescreen phone that u can play video on but the slide has a smaller screen thats why. i might not be saying this right but its what im guessing

  2. Michael says:

    The sidekick slide has a smaller screen, a little bit lower resolution but but it does have 128 MB RAM when the LX only has 64….I still can’t see why they can’t implement the same upgrade to it…They are pretty much identical…The things that make you go hmmmmm… 🙂

  3. Chris says:


  4. monster says:

    That’s what I heard, its taking a while bc the update was in its first stages, they still fixing some bugs here and there. I’d assume I’d take a month, maybe 2 for the update to fully roll out to all users, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do and wait haha

  5. monster says:

    August 31 sounds more reasonable. Maybe they’ll start rolling the OTA August 1 and everyone should have it by August 31, that sounds to me like what’s going to happen, hope the wait is worth it

  6. neida says:

    wtf . why isnt the update for the slide . its a sidekick as much as any sidekick is ???

    small screen ? SO WHAT !

    it deserves as much as an upgrade as the LX does .

    this is bullshit . tmobile is recieving a complaint from me and other sidekick slide users !

  7. randy says:

    Man the slide is garbage. Garbage phones don’t get classy upgrades. Its like buying a v6 charger and wanting all the horsepower and coolness of a hemi. The upgrade kicks ass and I am happy to have a real sidekick not that bullshit slide

  8. monster says:

    Hahaha the slide is like the bastard child of sidekicks. The slide sucks,

    Anywho, I hear more and more people are getting the update, excited!

  9. $$luivee$$ says:

    Lmfao if び want a upgrade throw da piece of shit slide away and get an LX but I heard if び go 2 settings den go 2 network status den press da mena button and M and where it says bytes received once dat number get to 12.5m び will get ya update

    Aim: luivee03 holla at me nikka!!

  10. Michael says:

    Has anyone heard if the Slide has any chance at all getting the update???? Yes it has a smaller screen but it does have more memory and the same operating system….It came out at the same time too…I picked it over the LX because it seemed to have the same functions and was smaller with a better build. I just wish they would at least offer some sort of compensation like a major discounted upgrade if they are not giving the slide the update…

  11. monster says:

    the only reasons why I think they won’t do the slide is bc its cheaper[100 bucks but still cheaper than the lx] and bc the lx is somewhat more popular than the slide, who knows maybe with time they’ll give the update to slides, in my opinion the slide is more of a chick phone isn’t it? Like its all small and whatnot, haha if you see it this way the lx is like a subaru and the slide is like a beetle, hha

  12. kill says:

    does anyone know for a fact that an OTA update is coming out for the SK Slide?
    I mean I’ve heard things but I those are rumors..
    I want to know if anyone knows for a fact..


  13. Actually…. I have a Sk Slide and I am able to receive and see videos I’ve never been able to do this.. Idk if it was an upgrade or if it had something to do with my settings. Anywhoo my sister has the Lx which I’ve updated for her the videos are very small so I don’t understand why the slides are not able to record also? If the slides can watch received videos why can’t we record as well? I look at the playback of an Lx video and the playback of an slide video and they both are slowish and the same size !! So I think the slides should get an update as well its only fair! Why can’t we atleast get the spell check thingy or the copy images from web browser type thing come on now!! I’m goin on strike! Lmao aim me …


  14. Am able to see received videos that people send to me is what I mean by seeing videos on my slide ALL YOU SLIDE HATERS… SUK ONE… I LOOOVE MY SLIDE ITS A TEN WITH OR WITHOUT THAT UPDATE…. haha Wait. I’m Kiddin Please Update slides…

  15. Am able to see received videos that people send to me is what I mean by seeing videos on my slide ALL YOU SLIDE HATERS… SUK ONE… I LOOOVE MY SLIDE ITS A TEN WITH OR WITHOUT THAT UPDATE…. haha Wait. I’m Kiddin Please Update slides… shooot spent nearly 300 on this dam phone which I will never spend that much on a phone again! I am not rich!! Lol I better get somthin!

  16. monster says:

    I bet they might upsate the slide, but after all lx’s are updated and all the bugs and whatnot are fixed, so HA! We are getting it first! Haha the slide sucks!!!!!

  17. kill says:

    Haha just because the LX got the update first doesn’t mean its better than the slide. The LX got it first because they needed to test the update on something. I think the slide update is gonna be a little bit better because they’re going to be able to improve any little mistakes

  18. Nellz25 says:

    That’s cool then because i still think we should get some type of update for slides and its funny that People still don’t Believe me when i say My Sk Slide is able to receive videos am i the only one able to see sent videos on my slide?? Idk i thought that was kinda cool =)

    Aim- NellyNellz88
    Yahoo- Ginnelle2cute

  19. miggy says:

    Dam y0. Its august 10 alredy and I still haven’t got my stupid update. All my friends got it and im like wtf. Do I gotta do sumthn special to get it or juss keep waitn =/

  20. Ashley says:

    Ok 4 all u in patient lx users….dis is how 2 get the update faster!
    U restart ur phone then when its on don’t sign in to anything…internet..messages..aim…nada! Then click the top left button go into settings click network status The click the left top button + M…….u have 2 get 12M or more bytes and the u wait a few mins and u got it! Its better 2 do it at nite wen the network isn’t bein used as much….ps..the G7 has 2 keep goin so it could reach 12M….repeat is again if doesn’t work the 1st time….

  21. bad bee says:

    the trick work’d for me to .
    wether its real or that’s when i was just suppose to get it idk .

    but it work’d for me & most of my friends .

    but it requires A LOT of patience .

  22. bad bee says:

    nobody knows okay . stop hate’n on lx’s cause yall bought those horrible slides .
    don’t worry i had one to now i have a lx .
    because the slides are horrid . nobody knows so stop asking .
    why don’t you call tmobile .

  23. Nellz25 says:



  24. bad bee says:

    lmao who cares lx’s could play video before the update too & they take better .
    hands down .plus it gotta flash .
    so nobodies hate’n i mean you just got what you paid for . lol .

    & wth i had a slide its not that much louder . lol .

    so find all the perks about the slide & i bet you the lx will still shit on it . lol .

  25. dominicanbaby16 says:

    I have a Sidekick lx since new years when I got it, and the update is sent RANDOMLY to those who have the LX, don’t worry you will get it, and yeah I’ve seen the update and its much earier to look at your ims and such(:

  26. SWIFT131 says:

    Wtf im fuccin tight… almost erbody n my hood got dey update except 4 me nd about 3 otherz datz bs… i only got 1M nd i gotta wait until i get 12.4M smmfh i cant fuccin wait until i get dat shit though…. ~swift~

  27. kittyrock24 says:

    I got the update about a week ago and it seemed to slow my phone down. I even deleted unwanted pics & texts to free up my phone a little bit…is anyone else having this problem?

  28. triplethreatxxx says:

    Sorry to say, but the slide is discontinued! Yes, they’ve stopped making it so whatever is left is all they will sale! So the slide/lx war can end because obviously….the lx is better!
    So yeah…so slide update will happen kiddos!

  29. monster says:

    Youtube “forced sidekick lx update OTA” watch the video, is pretty much turn off your phone and wait turn it off and wait, at first I though it wasn’t gonna work but its true the whole wait til 12.5m thing does really work

  30. Johnny says:

    I got my update, but it’s taking forever to actually update. all i see is the “jump button” in the middle of the screen, just after a power up. Any ideas on how long it takes to update? (NOT how long it takes to get the update)

  31. monster says:

    That’s not normal, hah mine took like five mins, you get the update(3 mins) and thenyour phone restarts(2 mins)

    hmmm that’s weird though

  32. JJLJERRY says:

    yooo guys,
    its a random time update don’t panic ya super G
    is here.
    <<<.<<< its a lx update lalaalla
    we are mercinaries lol

  33. Kill says:

    Any one else have the Sidekick (2008)?
    I want to put videos into my SideKick but the videos need to be 3gp and I don’t have a video converter.
    So if you can email me some movies or music videos or something that would be great 🙂
    My email is hxckiller@tmail.com

    Thanks :]

  34. morrie says:

    Ok, so I been hearing that people found a way to hack utube on the sidekick lx. They somehow got java flash player. Is that possible? If anyone knows how could they post it here? That wuld be GREAT!

  35. BoiBoi says:

    through email on my phone it says attachments too large to be sent to device but is still attached to your original message? how can i change dis? and be able to see the pictures like i was able to do before?

  36. Matt says:

    Ok, first of all: The only reason the Sidekick Slide will NOT be getting the update is because it has no video playback system inserted in the first place. For some reason the LX came built with and integrated video playback system that was never used. (Most likely due to a very rushed release date) I don’t know if this was for expirimentation or something, but I do know that the OTA lx users received only activates this system, as well as adding software like video recording. So for you slide users, unless Danger surprises us all I doubt any update will ever come for you and your Sidekick Slide. Sorry.

    But secondly, For all the people who are so madly trying to receive info about if the Sidekick will ever be able to stream videos from youtube, the answer is no. Sidekicks use a connectivity called EDGE…..correction* 3G Networking. (An update was sent that switches all sidekicks to the 3G connection) You might find yourself wondering, “The Apple Iphone uses 3G networking and can stream videos from Youtube….Why can’t the Sidekick?” It is simply because you have to remember that the Apple Iphone comes with a Youtube compatible video player already built inside. (Notice Youtube is an app, instead of a website) The Sidekick does not have this. A 3G connection trying to stream videos from a site on the World Wide Web (MAAAAJOR Conection) would take years to do- maybe about a second of the video loaded every ten minutes. Plus, there would most likely be an extremely large amount of connectivity errors and bugs to be worked out, and who wants to go through with that?

    If you ask me, I say you’re much better off using your Sidekick LX’s video capture system to record videos on Youtube. Kinda lame but, it’s much better than sitting around waiting for the oh so great and wonderful non-existant update to arrive.

    Hope I helped, maybe answered some questions. – Matt

  37. Matt says:

    And second, Nellz doesn’t even have an LX- (if you look through the page the user continuously rants about how it can “receive videos on the slide omg”) So don’t fall in love with the “I know how to get Youtube vids on lX” crap that’s being put out. Trust me, you will all live if your phone can’t ever have Youtube capabilities…..That’s what computers are for.

  38. Nellz25 says:

    Matt don’t come on here tellin me what i do and do not have. I never said i had an Lx.. I have a sister and a cousin who both have Lx’s.. And i am really good with phones so im always hooking them up i already put many youtube videos on their phones so don’t tell me what i do and do not have because u do not know me or anything about me.. Kaay? So buh bye..&& HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  39. andrew says:

    Yo any of you guys on here heard of any updates for 2009 and is there any way to get that old update back in august 2008 for video recording cause I bought this phone october 11 and doesn’t have the video recording and thanks. Email me at ad253650@tmail

  40. andrew says:

    Gabriel I just got mine at 8:30 p.m. U.s. Time, finally I got it it was 6 months late though, but the update is cool you can finally record stuff and download apps.

  41. MiiMii says:

    i dOnt nOe hOw 2 dO dis update thiinqq & like..all dis shyt .dah..we qOttah dO 2 qet dah update dOnt make nO senCe..like seriOulsyy & yuh lame ass ppl..arquiinqq Ovah dum shyt..like wah fOne iis bettah like b seriiOus iif yuh a qrOwn ass persOn ..arquiinqq Ovah wah fOne iis bettah..immah let yah nOe nOw dah yah JERK”s & immah teenaqer & ii dOnt even care abOut wah fOne iis bettah as.lOnqq as ii qOt 1

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