Take a step back in time to Commodore 64 time now on Windows Mobile

The years 1982 to 1983 were a banner time for gamers and geeks alike across the globe with Lotus 1-2-3, Pioneer 10 leaves our solar system, the Nintendo goes on sale in Japan, Reagan’s “Star Wars” Strategic Defense Initiative, Microsoft Word, and of course let’s not forget the Commodore 64.

Why is he rattling on about 1982/83 for you may be asking, well in the age of the dual-core and the multi-touch, it is sometimes quite nice to look back on a more simpler era, and ear when 8 bits were enough to see anyone through the day. And now you can take a step back in time on your Windows Mobile phone thanks to Clickgamer bringing out the Pocket Commodore 64 Plus Vic 20.

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Pocket Commodore 64 runs on all forms of Windows Mobile, standard and professional, and features a completely re-written new core and interface, customisable skins, complete control over CPU frequency, vertical frame rate, dick frequency, border size ect, full menus, paddle and keyboard controls in landscape mode, BIOS ROMs built-in, choose from 7 kernal ROMs and 2 disk ROMs.

The Pocket C64 is available at a cost of £17.83 which is roughly $35.00 US. So if you can remember back to 82 and the un you had on your Commodore 64, you can now take a small step back to that time and play Commodore 64 games on your mobile phone.

Source — wmexperts


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