Motorola Alexander 8 megapixel phone with NVIDIA-sourced chipset and 3G graphics

Oh Motorola it seems you want to come back with the fight of your life and to be honest if you pull this one of then you have got half a chance of beating some of the big boys like Apple, HTC, and Samsung etc.

You have to be honest Motorola are not bringing out mobile phones that will have your hairs standing on end are they, well the latest news thanks to BGR they are reporting that Motorola are prepping a brand new mobile handset codenamed “Alexander”, the Motorola Alexander will be an 8 megapixel phone which must say is a bloody good start. This is being described inside Motorola as “The Last Stand”, 8 MP camera is good in itself but there are more specs that will get the juices flowing such as 3G graphics (possibly Tegra), NVIDIA-sourced chipset for video, integrated GPS chip and may possibly running UIQ 4.0 or higher.

Obviously news is slim on this new mobile phone from Motorola so we are not too sure if the handset will feature touchscreen or what kind of form factor it will be, what we do know is thanks to the source shown below that the new Motorola codenamed Alexander 8 megapixel phone will be launching sometime in October. Motorola have been struggling of late but if they bring this mobile phone out it will definitely be a great competitor to the 8.1 megapixel Sony Ericsson C905.

If you find more information on this new phone from Motorola please do let us know.

Source – BGR


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