Open source, Google Android, iPhone 3G, profit for firms happiness for devs/consumers

Mobile phone software is becoming more and more advanced everyday and yes such software in out handsets and even computers of course helps us immensely, but obviously companies are in it for the mass profit. What are we going on about? Well that would have to be the world of Open Source.

With Open Source there are many options for us consumers which gives us great software for free, the downside to this is that not many consumers know about this and still go out and they buy software that can be downloaded at a cost, which is a pretty similar form for free thanks to the much talked about Open Source. We found that Product-reviews article very interesting indeed and should be noted. There are many questions flying around at the moment that should take some consideration for example Profit versus Open Source, one of the main example for free software and open source developments would have to be the likes of the Linux OS. The question is would you want to change the source code of Linux, if you do is there benefits.

We all know that open source mobile phones are the future and Apple iPhone is a great example where devs are continually making apps for this handset, there is another software package called Open Office which is available thanks to open source which could bring spreadsheets, graphics, presentations and word processing to mobile phones, the new Apple iPhone has many of these. The mobile phone world is growing and of course so is the software that goes in them and the world has talked nothing other than Apple iPhone 3G which is coming on July 13th, there is another application that will rock the mobile phone world and that will be all thanks to Open Handset Alliance. The iPhone is so expandable when it comes to apps the phone will surely never die a sad death like most other handsets. Moving on there is the all new coming at the end of the year Google Android, and when this hits the market it will give the very first complete, open and free mobile platform, 30 mobile and technology companies will benefit from this oh and of course us the consumer. Google Android will be the only real competitor to the iPhone there is no doubting that what so ever, the outcome from it is anyones guess.

Open source will make consumers and developers happy, companies in profit and mobile phones the best that they will ever be. Has all this Open Source business made your life different in anyway.

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