Take a Lamborghini for a spin: The Lamborghini ZX1 PDA mobile phone

Are you a fan or collector of brand names, or a fast car enthusiast? Maybe your ideal motor is a Lamborghini, and if so maybe Asus has just the mobile phone your are after with their Asus Lamborghini ZX1 PDA mobile phone.

This year the Asus Lamborghini ZX1 PDA mobile phone won the iF Communication Design Award, and does it sport that famous Lamborghini logo, of course it does even though everything packed inside is Asus.

Asus lamborghini ZX1

So just what can the Asus Lamborghini ZX1 offer a user? Well firstly it comprises of a carbon fibre back panel, measures 115.6 x 59.4 x 13.2mm, offers HSDPA connectivity, runs on Windows Mobile 6.1, GPS, WiFi, TI OMAP CPU, sports a 2.8 inch display, incorporates a 3 megapixel camera, has 256MB Flash and 128MB SDRAM, and has a joystick on its front with an embedded Lamborghini logo.

Fancy getting one of these to match your Lamborghini motor, or perhaps you can’t afford one of their motors, and let’s face it not many of us can, and besides wouldn’t it be just cool to be able to honestly say to your friends, “Hey I own a Lamborghini.”

Well if you do want one even just to impress your buddies, you’ll have to wait a tad longer because as yet there’s no word on availability or pricing, but one thing is for sure, that Lamborghini logo isn’t going to come cheap!

Source — mobilewhack

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