Vodafone Music Reporter online global interactive platform on MySpace

This news goes out to all you music lovers, Vodafone has teamed up with MySpace to show off the all new “Vodafone Music Reporter”, which is user-generated content of the company’s musical events, oh yes MySpace and Vodafone has announced the all new launch of an online global interactive platform.

The name is pretty nifty in itself and “”Vodafone Music Reporter” which is an interactive profile which is hosted on MySpace, will indeed be used to share the operator’s music, initiatives, including summer festivals such as Music Unlimited Cologne in Germany and Vodafone TBAs in the UK. Vodafone Music Reporter profile will also feature other things such as user-generated content which will help create communities for many music fans initially in UK, Germany, Italy and Spain. Music fans in the above countries will be able to click on

vodafone myspace

Music fans in the four countries can click on www.myspace.com/vodafonemusicreporter_uk where you will be able to share music experiences, upload and download content including pictures and videos related to Vodafone Music Unlimited events and you will also be able to enter a stunning competition to demonstrate your reporting skills across the Vodafone Music Unlimited events this summer and win the chance to become part of an MTV show episode online and on mobile. Pretty cool ah, for more information please do visit Vodafone MySpace profile here.

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