Is it? Sony Ericssons next mobile to be 16GB? Perhaps

Okay mobile music lovers, listen up; word on the net waves is the next Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phone is actually going to be housing a scrummy 16GB of storage space. No other specs being pushed around that we can glean, but the whisper is that it is possible the new mobile phone will follow the design of the previous W950 or even the W960, which is a tad irrelevant because possibility can be just about anything, could even possibly follow the lines of say an iPhone, or a Touch Diamond, the possibilities are endless if just judging by possible.

Okay, possibles rant over; the Sony Ericsson W950, a 4GB walkman mobile phone and the Sony Ericsson W960 is the natural 8GB follower, so maybe Sony Ericsson will follow again with say the W970 which could go 16GB internal storage perhaps, maybe, possibly.

Well as it is that’s all we can offer because that’s all we got, other than as Sony did share their Walkman brand with Ericsson there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t continue to produce better and bigger versions, right?

And yes you’ve guessed it, as yet no word on the street appearance or price tag of this rumoured new 16GB Sony Ericsson Walkman mobile phone, and really, why should there be, after all its just the word on the net waves rippling along.

Source — mobilewhack

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